Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you chew your food?

Remember when you were a child and learning about the body and digestion. I remember learning to chew my food so many times but over the years I seem to chew a few times them swallow. I never even tasted the food. Digestion starts in the mouth. How many times should a person chew their food? For something like peas it may require about 5 to 10 times to break them into small enough pieces to swallow, whereas a piece of steak may require 20 to 30 chews before swallowing depending on how tender it is. If I have to chew more than 30 chews the steak is probably too tough for my taste. This sounds so simple but somewhere along the way I seem to have lost touch with basic instincts.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting back on track

For the most part this blog has really helped me. For a while I thought I was off track because I wasn't losing weight but now the weight is coming off. For some people eating and controlling their weight is so simple but for some of us it is a daily struggle. This blog is not for all of you that have got it all together, its for people like me who in every aspect of my life I am successful but when it comes to controlling my weight it is like bumping my head against a brick wall. I diet then fail, that is until now. There were pit falls along the way. At times I ate so many different kinds of food that my blood pressure went out of control. That made me get on the elliptical machine and work out every day until it dropped. I started making better food choices and added fiber to me diet still waiting for hunger. The better food choice were not necessarily carrots sticks but foods that made me feel light instead of foods that made me want to fall asleep. I started desiring less sugary foods but sugar is still not off my radar. I found that there are no bad foods only foods that control how you feel. For the foods that make me tired, I just eat less of them during my meals.