Monday, December 28, 2009

I sure do miss breakfast

While going through this new way of eating I tend to miss breakfast because I am never hungry. I seem to have lost the natural signal for hunger in the morning. Maybe its the coffee I drink every morning. Sometimes it takes a whole 8 hours to get hungry depending on how much I ate the day before. I seem to be missing hunger in the morning. I miss eating breakfast. I miss eating egg omelets on Saturday mornings with my son but since I am never hungry I stop making them. For the last few days I have been eating an extra small breakfast no matter if I was hungry or not. Then it takes about 4 to 5 hours for me to get hungry again. I seem to have more control when eating that next meal. So far this month I have lost 5 pounds eating what ever I want just stopping right before feeling full.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sometimes you just don't want to wait for hunger.

If your having trouble waiting for hunger, just know it takes practice. Remember you didn't learn all your eating habits in one month. Studies have shown that it takes up to 21 days to create a habit and that's if you practice it everyday. If your having trouble waiting for hunger go back to the first few days that you tried this, and remember how good you felt. Keep practicing and you will see weight loss.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Out of th e Mouth of Babe's

A friend noticed I was losing weight and wanted to know what I was doing to lose the weight. I told her I stopped dieting and only eat when I am hungry. I eat exactly what I want and stop right before feeling full. She said, "that doesn't sound healthy at all," and explained how she would talk to her 9 year old son who goes long periods of time without eating. She was worried about his well being. He would tell her he just did not feel like eating and was not hungry yet. She says she always insisted on him eating so that he wouldn't get hungry. To me her 9 year old is still living on instinct. Eating when he is hungry which really sounds natural.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Physical or Emotional hunger

When your eating and you really don't feel hungry, try to pay attention to how you are really feeling. Emotional hunger is usually hard to satisfy. Physical hunger can be satisfied when you eat small amounts. You usually eat smaller portions when you wait until you get hungry before you eat. Remember to stop eating before you are full. Pay more attention to your food as you enjoy eating. You should feel a comfortable feeling right before getting full . Get in tune with your body and practice stopping just before full feeling. Waiting for the burning feeling can make you feel great but may make you feel a little week. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and eat accordingly.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stressed Out?

When you fall back into those old full feelings because of stress, try to do something else. Try jumping rope or if you have COMCAST ON DEMAND turn to the exercise channel. I like Jillian Michaels and I do about 10 minutes of her exercise with her. It gets my heart rate going and my mind thinking. I remember to get hungry again. If this does not work go for a walk or go to the mall and walk if its cold or raining. Do something to get your mind off the problem. Get a journal and write yourself a letter about what ever you are going through. If the problem is something you can fix, then fix it. If its something your can't fix, let time take care. What a difference a day makes. Remember to eat when you're hungry, savor the flavor and stop before you're full

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Diets bite

It has taken me years to realize diets don't work. I have been obsessed with my body image for so long that when this sensible way of eating came to me it sounded to simple. I shared the idea with some co workers and they thought it sounded so absurd. I know everything about diets, how to count calories, fat grams, fiber grams, protein, carbs, and so on and so on and so on. All that dieting has made me fat and it hurts every time I find a new diet that I do to a "T" and I still make food the enemy, I can't have this or I can't have that. Its all madness. My life span with dieting gets shorter and shorter with each diet. Now I eat what I want when I'm hungry and I am starting to lose weight naturally. I wait for hunger, and when it comes I welcome it. I set my plate and savor each bite and stop when I am not hunger any more. I don't eat until I feel that full feeling. If I get to full I usually get sleepy. If I stop right before felling full, I tend to have more energy. I had gotten to the point where cleaning up was a big chore. Now I have enough energy to exercise somewhat. What do you think about this? Any comments

Monday, November 30, 2009

I eat the foods I desire

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wait for hunger

Some times it takes a while to get your first hunger. If you go a whole day and you are still not hungry, eat a little and try to wait for the next hunger.

Do not go more than 36 hours for your first hunger. After your first hunger your approximate hunger will come one to three times a day. You will love the energy you feel and delighted feeling you get while waiting for your next meal.

Hunger is a little burning sensation inside your stomach. If you can not eat at the time of hunger because of obligations like work or social events, hunger will return in about forty-five minutes. You can skip hunger once in a while but do not make it habit.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Bondage of dieting

This journey is in the form of learning a new way of life. You will feel energized, joyful and just feel good The pain in your body starts to change. Make sure you get up and move your body, stretch out all the kinks in your body. There are programs on TV to exercise with you or take a walk. If your body is to stiff, it is just try to keep going until your body gets used to it. I am not trying to say run a marathon, but your body needs to exercise for good health. At last no deprivation no cheating and falling by the way side because you ate the wrong food. Just plan joy is what you'll feel when you free yourself for the bondage of dieting. Just try the plan. You have been given a gift. The gift of eating. Stop looking for that full heavy feeling you used to get when you over eat. That is a habit that needs to be left behind. So you call yourself an emotional eater, join the club. During this journey you'll be more clear headed. All that mess in your life will start to get in order as your body starts to cleans itself. Your house will even start to take on a life of itself. As your mind becomes uncluttered so will those things around you. Just try it for a week and see what happens. If this is not for you, try a few more diets and come back later.

Trust your instincts

Trust your instincts, trust yourself. You have been taught that certain foods are good and certain foods are bad. When your hungry you should eat what you want unless you are under doctors care. What if you wanted cookies or cake for breakfast? Would you eat it. The though of that sounds absurd to the normal dieter that is losing and gaining weight. On this plan you must trust yourself by eating when your hungry only. You will find that you don't even eat half the amount you used to eat.

Why don't I get hungry fast

If you have tried this plan you must have realize you don't get hungry very often but when you do you feel great just knowing when you can eat what you want. Make sure your hungry when you eat, savor the flavor and stop before feeling full.

Coffee/ Tea

If you drink coffee in the mornings, you may find it takes a longer time to actually get hungry. If you can, wait until your hungry and drink the coffee or tea with your meal. Remember to eat slowly, savor the flavor and stop eating right before getting full. Try it you may be supprised at your results

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It make take you a little longer to get hungry after yesterdays feast. Don't let this get to you. Just wait until hungry and eat the same food you have been dreaming about all day, which is probably left overs from your thanksgiving meal. Continue on your journey. This plan actually works when nothing else did.

Thanksgiving was a bust!

So it Thanksgiving was a bust, you ate all day because it was in your face. No fret just get going again today. Start today fresh and wait until your hungry. When yours hunger kicks in, pick the food you would really like to eat. Savor the flavor in this food and eat slowly. Stop right before full. It make take you a little longer to get hungry today because of your appetite yesterday. Just wait until hungry creeps in. Then eat.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This plan may not be for you

When your overweight for the most part, you really don't get hungry. when you are overweight you usually eat when it is time.  You eat because its lunch time, you eat because is dinner time, you eat because your lonely  etc.  With his plan you really are glad when your hungry because now you can finally taste your food and learn the satisfaction of the taste.  When you get ready to feel hungry you will feel so happy that your meal is in arms reach. I am not trying to be so insensitive about being hungry because there are some people in the world who do not want to feel hunger pains and do not know where there next meal is coming from, but when your overweight it becomes your personal battle and with being overweight there is a possibility of bringing sickness on your body like heart decease for diabetes  When you eat when hungry and start to lose weight, you will feel excited and its a joyous feeling that comes over you when you no longer worry about eating

Are you really hungry

The old way of eating will try to creep in where your almost hungry but dinner is ready and smelling good. You really don't even want to wait till your hungry. All you can think about is I want to eat. Just remember you still can eat. If you can't control yourself, just try wait till hungry. You are not depriving yourself you are only postponing your meal. Try a little harder to wait till your hungry. Remember hunger is not starving. But if you are not hungry get your mind off the food. Think of a hobby you might like. Start doing something to get your mind off mindless eating. Take a class, clean the bathroom, read a book just find something to do until your hungry again and remember you can eat when your hungry really savor the flavor and stop right before full. Remember stuffed is not full. You can really do this if you want but only you can do it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving day feast

You should be looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving Day dinner because I guarantee you will be hungry. All that stuffing and turkey, those pies and cakes and guess what you can eat it. All of it!! Just used your rules Eat when your hungry, savor each and every spoonful. Enjoy every bite, eat it slowing like your making love. Savor those candied yams. But Stop when your near full and eat again only when your hungry. You can do this and you will see results. This plan is freedom and you will feel happier than you've felt in a long time. Just try it you might like and you could lose all the weight you want. Do not feel guilty about eating when your hungry. Its your body's way of getting you to use your natural instincts.

Food is your body's fuel

Some people who are over weight say that they already eat when they are hungry but most of the time they are not really hungry. Most of the time they are just used to eating. They think its morning so its time to eat, or its lunch time and its time to eat or dinner time its time to eat, but really its just that, a time to eat and hunger has nothing to do with it.Your really not hungry, its just time to eat. If you are really hungry you will feel empty and maybe feel like your blood sugar has dropped and start to feel a little weary. All your body is saying is now its time to eat. Your body needs food like your car needs fuel. It is running out of gas and needs to be filled. If you eat when your really hungry and not out of habit you will start to shed the pounds.

Use your basic instinct

This plan tells you to eat when your hungry only. Once you learn to trust your basic instincts about food, you'll eat smaller portions and get hungry quicker during the day. Image this you actually eat when your hungry. Eat what you want, savor the flavor and stop right before your full.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Professional dieters

Professional dieters usually make all these unconscious rules on what they can eat and when they can eat. Your body has no rules unless you are under doctors care. It's amazing to see all the overweight people usually drink diet soda (aka "pop" for us northerners") and water but are still over weight. If you were to offer an over weight person a Mountain Dew you might get a dirty look. Mountain Dew is taboo to a professional dieter, most don't consider drinking a mountain dew. I say if your on this plan, drink one when you're hungry, (if you desire one) and set yourself free. Do not feel guilty drinking it with your dinner, you may even find yourself eating less. After eating what you want for a while, try to return to diet pop to see how it makes you feel. You would be surprise on how it makes you feel like you have chemicals in your body.

Diets and temporary

Most dieters won't admit diets are only temporary. When you get to your goal weight your happy but, now you'll ask, "Can I do this for a life time"? The answer is usually no, and now your obsess about every thing you put in your mouth. Most dieters stick to their diets for a while and then the forbidden Kebbler Elf bakes some of those chocolate chip cookie and shows up at your door, and you feel like you have done something wrong if you even think about eating a cookie, then failure creeps in after you finish it. You blame that little elf for putting all those chocolate chips in that cookie you just devoured. Your mad with yourself for messing up your diet. Why not follow your body's own cravings and instincts and eat the dog gone cookie or two. Once you start eating what you want, your desires work in line with your body needs. You usually will start to eat less food because your not eating all the time. After a while you'll start to crave what your body needs like fruit and other healthy things. Even though its only fruit you'll still need to eat when your hungry and stop before feeling full. You need to stop at that satisfying feeling and wait until your hungry again, then eat again. Diets don't work buy your mind and body does. It actually works together if you just listen to it. But the rule is eat when your hungry only, savor the flavor and stop eating just before you get that full feeling.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eating when I'm not hungry

I remember being little and my cousin Renee use to visit during the summer. I was so happy to see her. She was such a small little kid, she actually looked like a doll. I remember me and my family used to sit down in the evening for ice cream and cookies. Renee would go down stairs to watch TV. I would ask don't you want cookies and ice cream and even as a kid she would say, "No, I'm not hungry" and go back to watching TV. Even then I could not understand her not wanting cookies and ice cream. I usually ate it if I saw it.


You should be so energized at this point. Eating when hungry makes you feel better and you will have more energy.


For the kid who eat the middle of an Oreo first and leaves the chocolate cookie outside for last

You just ate what you wanted. It taste really good but now its time to stop. You are near full, you're satisfied but want more. Tell yourself you can eat it later when you're hungry again. Lets say its an Oreo. You just ate 3 Oreo's with your last meal but even though you are full you still want to eat more. You can have more later so eat them later if you still have the desire when you're hungry again. Let it go, your done eating for now.

Savor the flavor

Change your relationship with food. Eat more slowly. If you eat more slowly you'll experience more flavors. The flavors will come alive and the smell will drive you wild! Now concentrate on the texture in your mouth. Writing this is making my mouth water.

I smell bacon

Just because you smell bacon doesn't mean that your hungry. Resist until hungry. Eat what you want, savor the flavor stop before full.

Mindless eating
Trust your stomach more than your eyes and nose. Most of the time you're not even hungry when you eat. Your environment has dictated how much and what you will eat from smelling foods to the packaging they come in. The world has taught us how to super size everything and get your moneys worth. If you ate a hamburger,fries and a drink from McDonald's and you got to your last bite and felt full would you eat that last bite. Why would you shove it in your mouth if you are already full. You should have stopped right before that full feeling hits you, If your can't stand to throw it out then wrapped it up for later. That McDonald's meal does not sound like a lot of food but maybe it was enough before you got finished. Listen to your body when it says I think I have enough now. That is the journey this plan is taking you on to eat only when hungry savor the flavor stop right before feeling full. Trust your stomach it knows when its time to eat. Why eat bacon when your not really hungry. This is mind less eating in my book. Wait a while and you'll still get to eat it. only when your hungry. Just because you smell bacon doesn't mean that you're hungry. Resist until hungry. Eat what you want, savor the flavor stop before full. See if this works for you.

Anxiety is not Hunger

Anxiety is not hunger. Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that is typically associated with uneasiness, fear or worry. Don't let anxiety take over and cause you to eat everything in the kitchen that isn't nailed down.

Learn to fight your food cravings

Learn to fight your food cravings. How? By doing what your body naturally does, eat. Eat when your hungry only and Wha-la, no more cravings

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lose weight for good

Stop being afraid of hunger, eat when your hungry savor the flavor and stop before your full. Don't eat again until your hungry.


Appetite is another story. Appetite is not hunger. Appetite may be associated with other feelings. Figure out what you are really feeling and try to concur your emotions. Get used to feeling good energized and excited while not over eating. Embrace your new feelings and only eat when your hungry.

Eat when your hungry

You can only eat when your hungry. There are no snacks, eat when your hungry, pay attention to when you are hungry then savor the flavor and eat slowly and stop before full. If two hours later your hungry again, eat again. Pay attention to when you are really hungry. You may want to go as long as you can with out eating so that you will know what hungry feels like. Please don't starve yourself or wait to pass out while waiting to see what hunger feels like. Use your common sense.

Cathy Griffin's diet secret

Balls of Steel

This was a funny You Tube Video

Eat to satisfy hungry

Weight Watchers says fear hunger

Weight Watchers says fear hunger. It is a good diet and if you are one of the ones who can do it for life, my hats off to you. Good job!!! Live life and prosper.

Hunger is a natural way of eating. Welcome hunger, eat when hungry then stopped when your satisfied not full.

Wait until your hungry and use this chart while you are eating to determine hunger

Your Hungry and your hunger needs some attention so eat but eat slowly, savor the flavor.

Your Hunger sends your brain some gratification but your are still considerable hungry

Your start to feel some satisfaction but you are still legitimately hungry

Your Hunger starts to subside and your only feeling moderately hungry

Your Hunger is near satisfaction but you are feeling slightly hungry

Hunger disappears and your satisfied

If you take one more bite you will be full and full is to much

This will take practice so practice practice practice. Hunger is a natural way of eating. Welcome hunger, eat when hungry then stopped when your satisfied not full. Hunger is a natural way of eating. Welcome hunger, eat when hungry then stopped when your satisfied not full.

Losing the pounds for good

Getting healthy and losing weight are two different things. This blog is about losing weight and hopefully in the long run you will become healthier. By not stuffing yourself your body is able to operate better. This plan is for people who do not have any health issues. Always follow your doctors advice.

Eat what you want


The diet world teaches you to fear hunger. I don't want to fear hunger. Hungry is always present says weight watchers. Hunger is a natural way of eating. Relish it, eat what you want, savor the flavor and stop before you are full.

Something New

If eating what you want is something new, then allow yourself to do something you haven't tried before. You have tried to lose weight with every diet under the sun and if you are reading this you are probably still looking for ways to lose weight.
If you try this there's a catch. Eat what every you want but stop eating before you're full. Wait until you are hungry then eat what ever you want. Taste it, savor the flavor in your mouth. Do not eat fast just relax and pay attention to how you are going from hungry to a little hungry to satisfied. Eat that last spoonful and stop before you are full. If you don't know how to stop yourself, remember you can go back and finish it when you're hungry again. You no longer have the full tired feeling you use to have. You have energy. Look for a different feeling, a feeling of joy that you can actually do this and you could lose weight but it is still all up to you. If you can't do this then don't but you have already tried everything else. See how much less you actually eat when you eat what you want. There is no deprivation because anything goes. Cake for breakfast if you want but remember before you're full stop eating. you are not allowed to get full, If you're slightly full you ate to much. Try not to look for the painful full. Even eating a salad can make you painfully for buffet full. Try to get used to being content after eating.

Use your intuition

Your body was made to work well. When you over eat you do a disservice to your body. You learn habits of getting full. What happens when you get full at every meal? Eventually you over eat and look in the mirror and wonder who is this person looking back at you. All of a sudden there is more of you to look at. One roll of fat in the middle turns into two and maybe three. The rolls get bigger and bigger. You are out of control and not sure how to get back. So you diet and fail, diet and fail, diet and fail. Monday morning you got a new diet. You go shopping for all those special food that you don't even want at the time. You get started on Monday, you're all hyped up ready to concord the world. You eat those boiled eggs, grapefruit and toast. It taste pretty good because you were hungry. Still hyped, you get your snack and lunch ready. You eat your 100 calorie almonds with your string cheese and your satisfied. Your doing good, now it's lunch time. You eat your Kashi Southwest Style chicken (up to 250 calories) 100 calorie pack of something and a piece of fruit. Wow your kicking butt and can't wait till your next snack in a few hours. Next snack is 20 baby carrots and protein bar. Your feeling very good and pumped up. Now its dinner time and your hungry, can't wait to eat your 4oz grilled white fish cooked with olive oil, brown rice, steamed vegetable and spinach salad with balsamic vinegar. Problem 1: Is your still hungry after you eat. You weight 340 lbs and just ate 1200 calories of food which is not enough food for a person this size. Problem 2: You ate when you were not hungry. You never stopped to think are you really hungry and what are you hungry for. You ate food that is really good and really good for you, but you did not desire those foods. By the end of the night your binging like there was no tomorrow. This is a sample of how I have dieted all my life. Since you didn't eat enough you ransack the kitchen and eat 3 times your daily calorie intake and now you feel guilty. Diets don't work use your senses to tell you when and what to eat. Follow your bodies guide to tell you when what to eat and when to stop. After a while you will crave just what your body needs.