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The Dukin Diet Review by Joy

The Dukin Diet Review

The Durkin Diet is a high protein crash diet that is said to bring awesome results .   The diet is said to be an ultra-slimming European diet that has hit the United States  by storm.  Pierre Dukan MD is the founder of the Dukan Diet.  He alleges you can lose more pounds than the Atkins protein diet.  

The diet in a nut shell   : Phase one The Attack Phase    

Fill up on unlimited lean protein and unlimited fat-free dairy products.  Drink plenty of water and season foods to taste with seasoning and herbs.  

Samples menus include a fat burning pancake made for us in the United States 

Fat-fighting Pancake eaten daily                                                                                                                                                                           
1 egg white
2Tbs Oat Bran
2Tbs fat free plain Greek yogurt
1tsp Splenda

Beat egg white until foamy.  In a separate bowl combine oat bran, Greek yogurt and sweetener.  Mix with egg white.  Cook in nonstick pan over medium heat like you would a regular pancake.  Flip and cook until done.  Serves 1

Sample Breakfast

1 whole egg plus unlimited egg whites
lean ham or turkey bacon
1 cup fat free milk or fat free latte

Phase Two: Cruise Phase  

Follow attack day with “cruise” day,  add unlimited non-starchy veggies to your protein and dairy regimen until you reach your goal.

Sample for Cruise day
Lean beef, seasoned to taste
Mushrooms sauteed in in 1tsp olive oil and garlic and parsley to taste
The Oat bran is not your regular Oat bran cereal.  May find it at Walts food store or your local health food store. 

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