Sunday, September 26, 2010

Keep track of your calories

Try using a journal to keep track of your calories or  points because you may be supprised on how much you are really eating.  continue to eat when hungry and stop when you're not hungry anymore.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Edible Arrangements

Fruit has help me to  stay within my calorie range.  If I eat fruit for breakfast or mid day snack, I usually am able to keep my  calories low.  I love cantaloupe and watermelon they seem to give me staying power.  I was never much of a fruit eater until Shartira from Edible Arrangements came to my job with a beautiful fruit bouquet to share with the employees during a stressful time at work.  It was filled with mango, cantaloupe, kiwi and strawberries. The fruit was superb.  Her store is located at 12844 s Ashland Ave, Calumet City, IL and another location is 9945 S Halsted St Chicago, IL  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Counting Calories and Weight Watchers points threw me right back into diet mode

This counting calories and points threw me right back into diet mode.  I started choosing foods that were lower in calories which taste ok but never gave me the satiety factor.  I never got satisfied so I kept looking for food.  I ate a lot of vegetable which I have started eating anyway on a daily basis but not enough of the other food groups so that I could keep the points down.  Yesterday I felt like I ate all day long but only got satisfied when I ate some onion rings dipped in cheese by this time I had eaten so many calories that I know this way of eating will put more weight on me.  Even though I ate health foods during the day I kept eating and eating I had no control just like I used to eat and when I saw the onion rings I had to have them which I had gotten away from. I was no longer doing  intuitive eating, I was dieting again.   I really need to pick foods with staying power.  For the next week I will add what I really want eat to this equation again and stop when not hungry I will keep counting points and calories  as research so that I can pinpoint when I should shout off the calories for the day.  I just want to see what happens still keeping fruit and vegetables in between meals.  I ate two slices of Canadian bacon with  2 eggs American cheese on whole wheat bread and a tablespoon of jelly.  11 weight points or 470 calories.   Very satisfied and no desire to eat anything. Content and full- not thinking of food like I did yesterday.  A year ago this would be a No -No meal but it is what I like. Stay tone, lets see

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Learning the work this intuitive eating thing

I am not dieting only cutting portions.  I still am still following intuitive eating but with a twist

Counting Calories and Points

Over the past week, I have been counting calories and points by weight watchers.  I am trying to see which will work best for me.  So far they both are working about the same but the weight watchers books are a little easier to carry.   I feel lighter but my body is still looking for that heavy feeling.  Since I realize I am changing I needed to just embrace the  lighter feeling even though my body seems to want to wallow in sluggishness. I plan to give myself 21 days to a month to change the amount of food I am putting in my body to see if this works with intuitive eating.  So far it is not hard at all.  Still no deprivation because I still eat when hungry and I choose what I want.  I do find myself picking lower calorie items.  Today instead of just eating a can of tuna with crackers eggs and mayo, I ate 1/2 a cup of lettuces,  tomatoes with light sweet and spicy dressing and some flat bread crackers by townhouse. I feel full and a little satisfied.  I love beer so I plan to count the calories for that and eat a 12in subway roast beef when I get hungry again.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Intuitive Eating and Weight Watchers

I have decided to count calories but pulled out my old weight watchers books.  I decided to try this with the calorie counting because with my schedule I can put the book in my purse and count my food intake.  I still used the concept of intuitive eating to eat when hungry and it worked.  When I ate 4 small chocolate chip cookies with a small bit of ice cream  between the two, I was delighted and no deprivation.  I am eating just what I wanted after waiting for hunger.  A year ago, I would not  have been able to stop with just two small sandwich cookies and the cycle would have begun.  Out of control I would have eaten  more points because I had no will power, then beat myself up for cheating.  Eating chocolate chip cookies would have been bad, then depression would have set in and I would have thought you are a failure and the diet cycle would have started again.  I have more energy today and I feel great.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New plan for intuitive eating

I was talking with a friend  and I started to explain, I eat healthier than I have ever eaten before and the weight is not coming off fast enough.  She suggested that I count calories because maybe I didn't know portions.  You know maybe she is right.  I went to my and counted the calories and I in fact was eating 3500 calories.  I did this for a couple of days and realized I was eating between 3250 to 3330 calories each and every day.  No wonder I weight between 325 and 330.  Wow I really didn't think I was eating that much and because I was eating healthy I thought I was doing a good thing.  I remember reading somewhere this calculation, if you want to weight a certain weight you need to take that number and multiply for 10 and that is the amount of calories you should eat.  For instance if I wanted to weight 250 I need to take the 250 and multiply by 10 and that would give me 2500 calories to eat from.  It said your body will regulate it self to that weight.  I will try and post in about a week.