Monday, December 27, 2010

Stop Worrying

If you can turn off the voices in your head you can take control of  your thoughts and stop worrying.  For the most part a person who lets there thoughts run rapid usually worry all the time.     First I would ask, is there something I can do about the situation? If you can change your situation then change it, by all means  turn off the voices in your head. To stop worrying, think of something else.  When that thing that worried you  returns, think of something else less stressful. After a while of casting down the thoughts you will get control over your thoughts and stop worrying so much. These are just my views

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wishy Washy

Still working on intuitive eating and it's still hard to put everything into place.  I practice eating when hungry but find myself picking up old habits by trying to eat certain foods.  I still feel like certain foods put weight on you when intuitive  eating says other wise.  I started eating more meat and fruit and I actually lost the weight I had gained back.  I had not been making entries because the weight started to come back on.  When I eat more meat and fruit (even can fruit) I start dropping weight.  I am currently trying to lose 10 pounds.  I was on a candy binge for a while and started to gain,  but I decided I will not buy any more candy.  If it comes my way I may eat some but I will not buy any for one month.  I am down again but I want to lose more than 20 pounds in a year.  I am giving myself until March 2011 to see if I can lose at least 30lbs, if not I may consider the lap band. This has become my online diary. Yesterday was the office Christmas party and I ate only when hungry.  Intuitive eating does work because I only ate 1/2 a piece of cheese cake I had a desire for.  I guess I am entering the Crystallization Stage  of intuitive eating but I am still falling back to diet mode a bit
325 yesterday was 323.8

Friday, December 3, 2010

Intuitive eating

I have read and have been trying intuitive eating since last october 2009.  I never thought of myself as having an eating disorder but I really fit the mold.  I thought I had the concept down but lately I am out of control again and gaining weight.  I still fall back because I don't seem to want to wait for hunger
 , at this point I can't figure out why.  I was on fire after reading the book and frustrated, happy, sad depressed.  I no longer have a thyroid problem so I know it is working  but not much evidence of weight loss lately.

Intuitive eating

I am really trying to make this intuitive eating work.  I keep trying to do what naturally thin people do.  Thin people don't question hunger, they just think of what they want to eat, then eat.  I on the other hand try to deny myself food when all I do is think about food.  On the way home from work, I thought, what will I have for dinner but in the back of my mind I told myself you couldn't possibly be hungry so I cracked open a small bag of cashews and finished them, then when I got home I at a Popeyes apple pie, then a 99 cent bag of cheetoes then of all things some healthy almonds.  I wondered why I just didn't make some dinner or even take out.  I think I have not let the diet mentally go yet .  Still trying intuitive.  This blog is for my personal escapade. I want to look back one day and see what I was putting myself through.  This blog has been such a healing thing for me.