Monday, January 30, 2012

Feeling Anxiety and Overwhelmed

Some times I put things off until the last minute. I know deep down that I need to make a business phone call but inside I might be a little fearful of the outcome, but after the call a bit of excited energy goes though my body and I usually don't know where to put the emotions.  It feels good but  the emotion feels to big for me.  For a minute it feels unbearable.   Today I had that feeling and decided to write about it 

Ever had that dread of doing something that you know has to be done and you keep putting it off until you finally make up your mind to do it.  And when you did it, it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be but fear and excitement goes all over your body. That feeling of excited energy flows though your body and for me, its a bit unsettling.  It feels good but its uncomfortable. My first thought is food.  I just didn't want to feel those feelings, and why not.  Because they are uncomfortable I decided to write this post and the feelings finally gently went out of my body. It finally feels good to pay attention to my body. I've eaten my feelings for far to long.  I realize its OK to just feel what ever is going on at this minute.  This minute is all I really have. Thank God 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weight Watchers Convert

I've always shot down Weight Watchers because I could never lose more than 10 pounds with the diet. I posted a few hater videos on this blog and now I have to eat my words. Weight Watchers has come up with a points plus program that seems to be quit easy. I started last week during The Biggest Loser promotion. It was easy ti follow with the help of my Vita mix and my Skinny fiber pills (which are made up of fiber). I've lost 4 pounds this week. WhooHoo!

I am still using The Diets Don't Work techniques to lose the weight. It has really saved my life. When I started it about two years ago, I had a hypo thyroid problem and learning to just give myself permission to eat I was able speed up my metabolism and stop taking the thyroid pills. Now I hope I can finish the losing this weight with the help of the Vita Mix blender, Weight Watchers and Skinny Fiber.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Biggest Loser Resort

I have a chance to go to the BIGGEST LOSER RESORT. Please vote  for me by clicking the link

If you have read my blog, you know I need this. please click the link and follow the link to my picture "Joy eating a cookie." If you vote everyday I would really appreciate it. I have tried out 3 times for the show and never got past the interview. You help is needed! Thanks

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Wow, two years later and only 27 pounds weight loss.  Some have said well, that's the natural way to lose weight and maybe in 10 years you would have  lost 100 pounds. Well that sucks!.  7 years? Ok I guess that is better than gaining 27 pounds. 

I gained a better respect for food. I wait for hunger and enjoy it a lot more than I use to. It feels good to choice what I want to eat instead of waking up in the morning and thinking about what am I going to eat today and what diet will I be on.