Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling irritated

Feeling irritated? Ask yourself whats going on inside.  Be honest with your  answer  even if the feelings are selfish, hateful or any other irritating feelings.  Try some omega 3 fish oil when you feel bad.  Find a quite place even if its in your car and get still.  Ask yourself whats going on, then answer with the truth.  If someone has made you mad, express how they made you feel while sitting alone.  Keep asking your self how you feel  until you get out what your feeling.  You may realize the feelings have nothing to do with the person at all.  The feelings are really all in your head and you really need to deal with whats going on inside so that your can get a sigh of relief. No one can upset you unless you let them.  This may even hurt inside and you may even want to use food to calm the feeling down but you  may find you are really ready to let go of the voices that keep you down.  Dealing with hurt is  a part of growing.  Soothing music may help also

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