Monday, March 15, 2010

Omega 3

Feeling down, try Omega3 which can be found in pill form or certain fish, like tuna and catfish.
I went to Dr. Oz and read a post by Dr Michael Roizen that talked about sugar cravings which says you could be feeling depressed if you crave sugar. I tested this theory because I always crave sugar. What I learned was he may be right on point. As I eat the sugar, later I feel a little sad. I need to counter act the cravings and I thought of the benefits of Omega 3 fish oils. Since I have been reading more and more about Omega 3 which is in certain kinds fish and flax seed. I have been eating more fish, at least 3 times per week and I no longer feel depressed and the sugar craving do not come to me as much . I love tuna so I eat more tuna salad with crackers plus I add flax seed to my cereal. My hunger is satisfied and I still practicing eating when hungry. I still fall off and over do it sometimes but I just wait for hungry again. I love getting hungry.

They say its all about the journey--we'll see

I have been rambling and rambling about losing weight and eating what I want . It has been a long journey and I really thought I was on to something that could help but after 5 1/2 months I have only lost 13 pounds total. I have discovered things about myself that I am really greatful for. I no longer eat for for emotional reasons. I started getting the stress off my body by exercising which is something I usually don't do. I have worked up to 30 minutes on the eliptical machine. I can run up stairs now and I am feeling great but the weight loss is hard to handle. I wait for hunger most of the time but not all the time. I really need some help. I eat a lot of fish now because I heard it makes you feel happier. Still trying intuitive eating and learning a lot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My desires try to over take me

After work today I had dinner and I ate until content. All hunger pangs are gone so I am sitting there watching TV. Out of the blue comes a thought of the cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer. I'm not hungry but the thought of the ice cream is driving me wild. I told myself, I have two choices, tell myself no and sit there until my desires over take me and I find my butt hanging out of the freezer or do I tell myself you can eat it next time you are hungry? If I wait until hungry my body will know just what to do with it and digested it like it is supposed to. Since I have been waiting to eat when I am hungry, I usually only want to taste it when hunger hits me again. If you have other suggestions please tell me in the comments section.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What you could do with depression

Since this journey I have eaten every forbidden food that I could think of but only when I was hungry. When you have dieted for as long as I have some foods are off limits. The only problem is now when I step out of my comfort zone, I don't know where to put my feelings I usually use food to calm myself but this time I have not eaten myself into a slumber. I prayed and wallowed in my uncomfortable place for a while not knowing what to do with all these unpleasant feelings. I got so depressed that I couldn’t crawl out of my funk until I got an idea. May be if I play on my elliptical machine I might feel better. I could barely stay on it for one minute. I told myself to push and don't get off until I felt better. That lasted 5 minutes before my body started to hurt and I started to sweat. Amazingly, immediately I felt better and decided I would do it again the next day but I would add another minute or two. I was able to do 10 minutes but I looked like I was moving in slow motion, but it didn't matter how I looked. The depression just left. I realize now exercise is not just for burning calories, it’s also for feeling better mentally and physically. Who knew exercise could feel so good?