Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 7 Laws of Leannes

I saw a tweet this morning that Said Naturally thin people don't really come by it naturally.  they actually live by a series of  Laws that keep them from ever gaining weight.

The 7 Laws of Leanness

Lean People Don't Diet:  Muscle mass is your body's number on calorie burner.  By dieting, you are setting yourself up to gain more weight than ever.

Lean People Don't Go FAT FREE:  Fat doesn't make you fat; you need fat in your diet to help you process certain nutrients.

Lean People Sit Down to Eat : Eating more slowly and savoring your meal boosts levels of two hormones. that make you feel fuller.

Lean People Know What They are Going to Eat Next; Planning your responses to hunger helps you shed pounds faster.

Lean People Eat Protein:  those who eat moderately high levels of protein are twice as likely to lose weight and keep it off as those who don't eat much protein.

Lean People Move Around; Fit people stay fit by having fun.

Lean People Watch Less TV:  Nealy 30 percent of people who watch more than four hours of TV a day have a BMI of 30 or higher.

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