Sunday, May 30, 2010

Food Addition

This journey has been so awesome relearning how to listen to my body and losing weight. There has been a lot of ups and downs but through it all I learned something each and every day. I prayed to God for an answer last year about my weight lost and wanted an answer quickly. I learned that maybe I wasn't ready for the weight lose all at once. I had to relearn how to think about food. I had to stop labeling good foods and bad foods. I had to deal with what was really wrong in my eating habits. I realized I was fat because I used food as a substitute for everything. I used it for loneliness, boredom and as a way of soothing all my emotions. Even after I stopped using food I stilled looked for the feeling of sedation I used to get after I overate . I was so used to over eating then getting so tired that all I could do is just lay down. The same drugged feeling I got from alcohol was the same sedated feeling I got from overeating food. I finally decided I no longer wanted to live with that sedated feeling and I love the energy that I have now. I still have only dropped about 20 pounds but it has come off naturally and it doesn't seem to return.

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