Monday, May 24, 2010

Still- Really got a hold of me

Today I figured out why I use food to comfort me. I ate dinner and watched TV for a while when all of a sudden a thought of ice cream danced in my head. I reached down to see why I really wanted the ice cream and realized I really wanted to be with my husband and he was no where in site. In my mind, ice cream was not what I really wanted but I realized I could use it to buy some time until my husband returned home. It may not make sense most but after reaching down into my real feelings, this is want I came up with. I have been discovering that food has taken care of loneliness, boredom and it really helps just to past the time of day. I thank God that for this journey to discover why food has had such a hold on me. Eating when hungry has pulled out so many emotions because I used to just eat because it was time. It may not make sense to those who have life all figured out or for those who do not have a eating problem but it is a break though for me. Thank God for the little things.

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