Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make better choices about nutrition

I've tried to eat when hungry over and over again. I lost 17lbs since I started this journey. I've learned a lot from eating when hungry. I learned not make food so important. I gave it so much power. I use to think about food all day and on my way home from work I would think what will I have for dinner whether I was hungry or not. I use to come through the door and head straight for the kitchen. I'd cook but by the time the food got ready, I'd be full but would still sit down and eat. When I finished, I would be so tired that all I could do is watch TV and fall asleep. This eating when hungry worked on other things in my life. I realize I can eat every thing that I want but sometimes everything is not good for me. I started to make small changes in nutrition and found that I no longer have high blood pressure and my number for diabetes is 110. I am feeling good these days. I am still trying to lose weight and basically eating what I want but now I make better choices as far as nutrition. The point is to make better choices and feel better.

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