Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today I am finally losing weight. I started intuitive eating October 2009 when I decided to never diet again. Intuitive eating is the process of letting go of the diet mentality. It teaches you how to go back to the basics of following natural hunger. The process was not easy for me.  I questioned what hunger is I started to ramble all day and became obsessed about hunger. I even used a scale to tell me when I was hungry.  I could not trust myself to make good choices and kept looking for the feeling of hunger.

I used this scale  to tell myself when to cut off eating.  When I realize it could help was when I sat at the table with a copy in front of me.  I fixed my plate and sat down. I started at number 1.  As I ate I went up the scale.  When I got to the number 5 while eating I realized what feeling content was and stopped at that point.   It takes is practice and practice is what I still do.  Sometimes I think, if  I wait till hunger I will be out of control and sometimes I am.  In these instances I drink a little fiber and that usually does the trick to slow me down.  I use Psyllium  Husk which expands in your stomach and helps stop some of those hunger pangs.  328

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