Friday, November 26, 2010

Yum Yum Cinnabons

When I think of Cinnabon at the mall, I think of cheating on  a diet.  Cinnabon was always a no no in my mind because I have learned that certain foods make you fat.  With intuitive eating you learn to eat when hungry and stop when you are no longer hungry any more.  But when I walk up to the counter at the Cinnabon, there are always these very slender people buying not one but two cinnabons.  I asked how do you stay so slim eating those buns.  I get the,  "I don't know, I eat them all the time."  then I have to ask, are you eating it because your hunger and I get the most puzzling look but what people don't realize is, fat people eat because of any occasion and hunger has nothing to do with it eating. 

I love those Twist and they have a new way to serve the bun, in a cup with icing all over called Center of the roll.   It  is the best part of their Classic Roll - the ooey gooey middle.  they are bite sized pieces and topped with their signature cream cheese frosting.  they are available through January 15, 2011

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