Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How can I stick to my diet plan

Lately I've been eating over the allotted calories I am suppose to eat per day.  I told myself this is a learning experience if I cut calories over a period of time, I will lose weight.  But for some reason by the end of the day I eat over the amount of calories.  Day by day I keep counting and counting telling myself no matter what you eat just keep counting and do not give up.  One day it will fall into place and if I can cut out 200 more calories over a period of time I will lose weight.  I am counting on my body to get satisfied with the food chooses I have made each day but, I  fee so frustrated sitting here asking my self, why can't I stick to my diet plan.  Why is the food overtaking me.  What do I really want?  Popcorn or cookies? If I eat over my allotted amount, I will not get the results I want to see. Why can't I just wait until tomorrow and add them in my caloire count (cookies, popcorn etc).  I can have anything I want but for today I have eaten my allotment of caloires so I need to get a grip and embrace the feelings of being a little empty.  Its one thing to eat when hungry and its another to eat just because it taste good or because I feel lonely. Won't that same food  taste as good tomorrow? Will it loose its flavor?  Is there going to be a food shortage tomorrow? Whats really going on inside.  I feel a calm over me since I started writing so I am telling my flesh settle down because I will stick to my diet  plan this day.  Write down how you feel or start a blog like this one it has really helped be see clearer who I really am.  So how to start a blog?

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