Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your perfect weightloss plan

Your weight loss program does not always need to be all or nothing.  There are times when your plan will go straight to hell and what you have learned does not jive with that calorie intake you've chosen.  What I've learned is that when my day does not go exactly like I planned I continue  to count calories.  It took me 6 months to stop eating 3400 calories a day which was what I was use to eating. I kept trying to eat 2000 calories a day but each day I just couldn't change the amount I was eating, then I told myself, so you can't cut 1400 calories out of your life but you can cut 200 of the 3400 calories for a while, then I cut 200 more until I got used to eating less.  Sure I wanted to lose weight fast but what I really wanted was to keep it off for good.  I finally got down to 2000 per day naturally cutting off my appetite.  I still eat when hungry with one exception, I must eat breakfast when I wake up.  If I do this and keep my calories down to 300 to 350 for breakfast, by the time lunch times come, I am feeling hungry again which is what I am looking for.  I want to eat when hungry and really enjoy my food.  When I started cutting the calories my body seemed to keep looking for that sluggish feeling I was so used to.  I wanted to eat then pass out on the couch.  I started paying attention to how I felt before getting sluggish and sat with myself  enjoying the feeling of less food in my body. Sometime it was not a comfortable feeling and I started to feel empty.  Sometimes that empty feeling would make me feel lonely.  Wow, was it really about food?  I would actually rather feel sluggish and fall asleep rather than think about how lonely I felt. I searched for something to take away that empty feeling I started riding my bike for 5 minutes so that the feeling would go away.  I could not ride the bike for 20 or 30 minutes because mentally I just didn't want to do it, but I could ride  for 5 minutes and try to increase over time.  Believe me I would have loved to lose a lot of weight by now but I really had some deep rooted issued that needed to be discovered and plucked away.  I really think the weight will start to fall off now because, I'm a fat burning machine.

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