Thursday, March 4, 2010

What you could do with depression

Since this journey I have eaten every forbidden food that I could think of but only when I was hungry. When you have dieted for as long as I have some foods are off limits. The only problem is now when I step out of my comfort zone, I don't know where to put my feelings I usually use food to calm myself but this time I have not eaten myself into a slumber. I prayed and wallowed in my uncomfortable place for a while not knowing what to do with all these unpleasant feelings. I got so depressed that I couldn’t crawl out of my funk until I got an idea. May be if I play on my elliptical machine I might feel better. I could barely stay on it for one minute. I told myself to push and don't get off until I felt better. That lasted 5 minutes before my body started to hurt and I started to sweat. Amazingly, immediately I felt better and decided I would do it again the next day but I would add another minute or two. I was able to do 10 minutes but I looked like I was moving in slow motion, but it didn't matter how I looked. The depression just left. I realize now exercise is not just for burning calories, it’s also for feeling better mentally and physically. Who knew exercise could feel so good?

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