Thursday, September 16, 2010

New plan for intuitive eating

I was talking with a friend  and I started to explain, I eat healthier than I have ever eaten before and the weight is not coming off fast enough.  She suggested that I count calories because maybe I didn't know portions.  You know maybe she is right.  I went to my and counted the calories and I in fact was eating 3500 calories.  I did this for a couple of days and realized I was eating between 3250 to 3330 calories each and every day.  No wonder I weight between 325 and 330.  Wow I really didn't think I was eating that much and because I was eating healthy I thought I was doing a good thing.  I remember reading somewhere this calculation, if you want to weight a certain weight you need to take that number and multiply for 10 and that is the amount of calories you should eat.  For instance if I wanted to weight 250 I need to take the 250 and multiply by 10 and that would give me 2500 calories to eat from.  It said your body will regulate it self to that weight.  I will try and post in about a week.         

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