Saturday, September 18, 2010

Counting Calories and Points

Over the past week, I have been counting calories and points by weight watchers.  I am trying to see which will work best for me.  So far they both are working about the same but the weight watchers books are a little easier to carry.   I feel lighter but my body is still looking for that heavy feeling.  Since I realize I am changing I needed to just embrace the  lighter feeling even though my body seems to want to wallow in sluggishness. I plan to give myself 21 days to a month to change the amount of food I am putting in my body to see if this works with intuitive eating.  So far it is not hard at all.  Still no deprivation because I still eat when hungry and I choose what I want.  I do find myself picking lower calorie items.  Today instead of just eating a can of tuna with crackers eggs and mayo, I ate 1/2 a cup of lettuces,  tomatoes with light sweet and spicy dressing and some flat bread crackers by townhouse. I feel full and a little satisfied.  I love beer so I plan to count the calories for that and eat a 12in subway roast beef when I get hungry again.

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