Friday, September 17, 2010

Intuitive Eating and Weight Watchers

I have decided to count calories but pulled out my old weight watchers books.  I decided to try this with the calorie counting because with my schedule I can put the book in my purse and count my food intake.  I still used the concept of intuitive eating to eat when hungry and it worked.  When I ate 4 small chocolate chip cookies with a small bit of ice cream  between the two, I was delighted and no deprivation.  I am eating just what I wanted after waiting for hunger.  A year ago, I would not  have been able to stop with just two small sandwich cookies and the cycle would have begun.  Out of control I would have eaten  more points because I had no will power, then beat myself up for cheating.  Eating chocolate chip cookies would have been bad, then depression would have set in and I would have thought you are a failure and the diet cycle would have started again.  I have more energy today and I feel great.

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