Sunday, September 19, 2010

Counting Calories and Weight Watchers points threw me right back into diet mode

This counting calories and points threw me right back into diet mode.  I started choosing foods that were lower in calories which taste ok but never gave me the satiety factor.  I never got satisfied so I kept looking for food.  I ate a lot of vegetable which I have started eating anyway on a daily basis but not enough of the other food groups so that I could keep the points down.  Yesterday I felt like I ate all day long but only got satisfied when I ate some onion rings dipped in cheese by this time I had eaten so many calories that I know this way of eating will put more weight on me.  Even though I ate health foods during the day I kept eating and eating I had no control just like I used to eat and when I saw the onion rings I had to have them which I had gotten away from. I was no longer doing  intuitive eating, I was dieting again.   I really need to pick foods with staying power.  For the next week I will add what I really want eat to this equation again and stop when not hungry I will keep counting points and calories  as research so that I can pinpoint when I should shout off the calories for the day.  I just want to see what happens still keeping fruit and vegetables in between meals.  I ate two slices of Canadian bacon with  2 eggs American cheese on whole wheat bread and a tablespoon of jelly.  11 weight points or 470 calories.   Very satisfied and no desire to eat anything. Content and full- not thinking of food like I did yesterday.  A year ago this would be a No -No meal but it is what I like. Stay tone, lets see

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