Sunday, September 9, 2012

Can't you really lose a dress size with a 15 minute work outl?

Today I started the t-tapp work out. I brought it about 10 years ago but never really used it. I brought it after reading about a lady who lost a dress size in two weeks in Woman's World Magazine. The article showed a basic exercise that could be done in about 7 minutes. Over the years I did the 7 minute exercise when my body would get stiff and in just two days I could move better but unfortunately I did not continue or even look at the T-TAPP CD's. I only did the 7 minutes when I was in pain or feeling like I could hardly walk in the mall. As soon as my body felt better, TTapp was all over. 
After 10 years, I decided to pull out TTapp and actually look at it, it inspired me to start moving my body.  I tell ya, boy o boy did I get a work out. The work out was only 15 minutes and I was sweating and panting.  The workout made me feel like a whole new person, I feel energized and ready to do some neglected chores. 
One of the men in the videos says he lost 4 belt holes in three weeks. I will to update every week for the next 4 weeks on my progress. I will post my measurements in tomorrows post.

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