Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aoother way to loose weight TTapp

I slacked off TTapp for about 4 days because my knees started to hurt. After a few days the pain in my knees stopped  and  I went right back to using TTapp, only this time I do it every other day.  TTapp makes my body feel good. I move better and I can get up and down the stairs a whole lot easier. I have not taken my measurements yet but I am wearing a pair of pants that felt to uncomfortable to wear a few months ago. The work out actually makes me want to  move around a little more. TTapp encourages people to eat God Made food for two days and Man Made foods for one day.  I have incorporated this into my daily routine and it is making me more aware of what I eating and  how my body feels after a particular meal. I hope with eating when hungry and stopping when I am no longer hungry  any more helps with my weight loss because this would be a fantastic way to lose all the unwanted  pounds. TTapp

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