Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost 15 pounds since Thanksgiving

Had to get back to eating when hungry around Thanksgiving. This thing just won't go away so I gave in again with success, I lost 15 pounds eating exactly what I want to eat. I'm kind of tired of talking about it but this obsession with weight loss just won't leave me. I can do everything in life but this eating thing just haunts me. Day in and day out I am obsessed with loosing weight. I see myself slim and not worrying about my weight and I will never go on another diet.

After loosing this 15 pounds, I thought I had this eating in check but today I wondered why I just couldn't wait for hunger, I just wanted to eat because it was there.  So I decided to give in.  I realize even slim people over eat sometimes at least I think they do, they just don't give it any thought. So tonight, no pity party just wait for the next hunger which may not come tonight.

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