Friday, December 3, 2010

Intuitive eating

I am really trying to make this intuitive eating work.  I keep trying to do what naturally thin people do.  Thin people don't question hunger, they just think of what they want to eat, then eat.  I on the other hand try to deny myself food when all I do is think about food.  On the way home from work, I thought, what will I have for dinner but in the back of my mind I told myself you couldn't possibly be hungry so I cracked open a small bag of cashews and finished them, then when I got home I at a Popeyes apple pie, then a 99 cent bag of cheetoes then of all things some healthy almonds.  I wondered why I just didn't make some dinner or even take out.  I think I have not let the diet mentally go yet .  Still trying intuitive.  This blog is for my personal escapade. I want to look back one day and see what I was putting myself through.  This blog has been such a healing thing for me.     

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