Friday, January 21, 2011

Can't stop eating

f you are finding it hard to lose weight, it may be some of the foods you are eating and no movement in your daily routine. If you are on a diet and find that you just can't stick to it, it maybe because diets don't work.  They are set up for you to fail because you are denying your natural way of eating.  Your body is designed in such a way, it usually lets you know exactly what to do wither it is telling you to go to the bathroom and eliminate or wither it is telling you I'm hungry and its time to eat.  The diet world has said eat 3,4,5 times a day so you won't get hungry but hunger is our natural way of saying its time to eat. If you are hungry that many times a day you should eat small portions but only if you're truly hungry.  Take the toddler who follows you for food but only really wants a few bites then runs away with his mind on something else in the room.  How many times have you seen that toddler come up to you while you were eating and looks closely at you plate with wanting eyes.  After a taste or two he runs away like hes being chased laughing.  If that same toddler tasted the food on your plate and does not like it, he spits it out immediately and lets you know he does not want any more.

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