Friday, January 21, 2011

Foods that Satify hunger

Choose foods with satiety factor like high fiber foods like whole wheat breads and whole wheat pasta. Eat fruit with your high satiety breakfast for longer lasting fullness.  Try your own egg MC muffin.  Use Thomas English muffin with egg or egg whites and small piece of cheese and Canadian bacon for a satisfying breakfast with an orange. Stop when you are no longer hungry any more.
Whole Grain double Fiber English Muffin   Calories 110   Fat 1     Carbs 27    Protien 4    Fiber 8grams
Whole Grain English Muffin   Calories 130   Fat 1   Carbs 26   Protein 5  Fiber 2   
Egg      Calories  70       Fat 4.5      Carbs 1      Protenin 6   Fiber 0
1 Egg whites    Calories 16     Fat 0    Carbs 0      Protein 4     Fiber 0
Orange 1 cup    Calories  85   Fat 0.2    Carbs 21.1    Protein 1.69   Fiber 4.3  


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