Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stress Eating

When I am stress, I have recently learned to just close my eyes and try to stay alert in the moment.  This moment is all that I have. Every thing else is in the past or in the future.  At this very point  there are no problems.  The problems are in the past or future but at this very moment there is no problem.  Try it close your eyes and think of nothing.  At this very moment focus on this very point in time.   What stressed me out was I recently bounced a check where I thought I had money.  I was so upset to see the $63 charge to my account.  I called the bank and they just wouldn't help so I got really angry and almost took it out on the customer service person.  I know she had nothing to do with my stupidity but who else could I blame? She gave me a solution to pay the bill in so many words.  I felt like people usually do things my way but not this time.  .After I hung up the my stomach tossed and turned like crazy thin I thought, put meditation in motion and stop thinking about he Kentucky Fried Chicken on the table to calm my nerves.  I closed my eye and thought about the present moment and said in my mind at this point in time there is no stress . At this moment there is only a space in time.  All of a sudden a calm came over me and every thing is OK.   I did not need to use food for comfort.

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