Sunday, January 16, 2011

How will I lose 100 pounds?

Today is all I have.  I keep thinking one day I will lose 100 pounds.  As I sit here thinking, some day may never come and all I have is this day to start with.  I realize losing weight is just plan hard.  Exercising is what I need but its just plain hard.  I keep telling myself, just do it for the benefits of feeling and moving better.  My plan was to lose 100 pounds by July 23 which is 4 pounds per week but all that did was send my back into diet mode.  I need to throw out the scale because it has started to determine how I feel each day, if I gain I feel really bad but if I lose a pound or two, I feel great.  I do not want to diet so I will continue on this journey of eating when hungry and stopping when I am no longer hungry any more.  When will it finally click in my mind. 

Today I will just add more fruit and vegetable to my meals because my health is important but in the back of my mind I am thinking, weight loss is the real goal. 

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