Saturday, February 5, 2011

30 Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Today is day 4 of my 30 day challenge to lose weight. I was reading The Strangest Secret about a week ago and decided to try the techniques in the book to lose weight. I took out a card and wrote that I would like to weight 180 pounds. As each day goes by I have been changing my thoughts to a more precise view of what I really want. My card today says I want to lose 147 pounds. As I sit trying not to think about being fat, it is amazing to see how my thoughts to be fat over ride my thoughts to be thin. I put the little card in my pocket and keep it close to me at all times. At work I was trying meditate of my discovery but out side influences kept drifting into my office. Each time I looked at my little card and all the troubles of work seemed to disappear and my job did not seem so daunting as it usually does. I didn't even care that I was doing much more work than those around me, I just concentrated on my thoughts. I am trying to get some control over my negative thoughts and this little piece of paper is really helping. Today I want to change the card again because I feel so heavy that I don't want to eat so much today. Maybe concentrated on lighter foods to fill me up and still waiting for hunger. I'll see what happens

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