Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Stranges Secret

On the 5th of February I decided to write down my goal of losing 147 pounds.  I am on this journey of feeling better.  I decided to lose weight over a year ago but nothing came off.  I gave up dieting at that time and started to eat only when hungry savor the flavor and stop when I am no longer hungry any more. I got that concept from Intuitive Eating book. The challenge was I could not stop eating once I started eating.  During this process all of these emotions stared me in the face.  Why was I eating so much?  Why was this the only thing I could not conquer  in my life.  One day I realized I was using food to sedate myself.  I didn't want to face anything that could turn into a potential problem.  I blamed people for getting on my nerves and I blamed others for all the discomforts of my life.  Instead of worrying about anything I used food to cover up all of my feelings.  The best part of this journey was I learned how to put my emotions in perspective, I started to feel the pain that was going on in my head.  I faced my problems and let time take care of all of them.  AT this time not to much bothers me, but food was still on my mind.  I started to read things that would get my mind off food.  That's when I stumbled on this little mp3 of the Strangest Secret in the world.  It talked about having every thing in life that you want.  It tells you to write down on a little card the one thing you really want.  I gave it some thought and I wrote, "I want to lose 147lbs".  Mr Nightingale is the writer of the Strangest Secret and he says pick one thing that you want  and every time the negative thoughts comes up in your head you are to look at the card and say what's on that card.  I started to look at it day and night and started to realize I have so many negative thoughts about being over weight, some times I would get on the scale and would have a one pound weight gain and  I would freak out , then I decided to tell myself, no matter what it shows,  I weight 180 pounds which is my goal weight.  Slowly I have started to change my eating habits.  I am eating more fruit and vegetables. The mp3 says that your solution will find you and I think it is finding me.  Once I do 30 days, I will go another 30 days because I see the change in my thought pattern.  I have never felt this happy in all my life.   

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