Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am still working this journey and here I thought I would have lost a lot of weight right now but instead I have been learning more and more about myself.  I developed high blood pressure and started eating more potassium because when your blood pressure is up you are usually missing  the potassium needed to get though the day in a mentally healthy way.  For me missing potassium seems to cause a lot fatigue, muscle spasm (charlie horses), and  anxiety.  I watched myself at work last week when some one came to me with some upsetting news.  I was so full of anxiety that I was actually rambleing off at the mouth at this person  because my emotions were all over the place.  The emotional eating that I had been saying was a problem for the past year reared its ugly head.  At this point I had made myself so upset listening to the persons words that I wanted to  run to  the vending machine and eat and  eat and eat.  All of a sudden my leg started to cramp like a muscle spasm,  I started to drink water and reached  for a banana and a packet of salt (an old wives tale for charlie horse) I ate another banana and finally  I got my head together and realized the thing that was going on in my body was not emotional eating, I  realize I was missing potassium. After a few minutes  a calm came over me.   I felt myself coming in to a balanced state of mind.   I've thinking a lot about that day because my new focus is to feel better in 2011.  

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