Thursday, March 17, 2011

Control your thoughts

I never realized when I started this journey that I would be so full of joy by this time.  When you control your thoughts you change the feelings inside.  Take a minute and close your eyes and imagine what it would really feel like to be the size you really want to be.  Imagine what you would be doing if you were that size.  What is the one thing you want to do when you finally get to the ideal size. Imagine you are there (ideal size) pretend you are doing that thing.  How does that feel?  Start imagining yourself at that size and doing that thing that you plan to do when you get thin.  Start thinking like a naturally thin person instead of a person on a diet all the time.  The more you dwell on what you don't you will get more of that.  Dwell on what you really do want and get more of that. . 

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