Thursday, March 3, 2011

My new Journey with Sparkspeople

 Each night I would tally up the total number of calories I have been eating because deep down in side I felt like I should have lost more weight.  I feel like I am ready to lose weight so I went to and signed up for the free site. (A friend of mine lose a lot of weight using this site over a year ago) As I looked at the types of foods on the site I started to think, how can I make this site work with what I am doing.(intuitive eating)   I am willing to change the types of food I am eating because its just plan time to lose this weight. Sparks people had some suggestions on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but when I looked at the menu I said to myself, I can eat some of those foods but some of the foods just won't make the cut for me.      I had some turkey bratwurst in my kitchen and substituted them on the  sparkspeople site.  The site showed how to plan my meals for healthy results.   In minutes I had planned my breakfast and lunch with some of the foods I like and they were already in my pantry. I finished planning for the  whole day.  I promised myself  that if I was not hungry I would not go over the calorie count that sparkspeople had suggested and to my surprised it worked.  I substituted an orange for strawberries because I really don't want strawberries without chocolate.  To me strawberries just don't cut it for satisfying me but an orange does and it is already in my kitchen.  I substituted the suggested lunch  for the bratwurst and decided to eat two of them. The only problem was I forget to allow for snacks during the day so my co worker offered my a Special K bar and another offered my a Strawberry boost and I added them to the sites total.  I can even use the site on my phone.  I guess my 30 day challenge has lead me back to this site and I am open to the possibilities. I feel like I am making changes towards my goal of losing 147 pounds.  I feel great and looking forward to trying it again tomorrow.  I substituted my white spaghetti to whole wheat linguine.  I said I would not diet ever again but it does not feel like I am dieting.  I still feel like if I want a cookie (which are my favorites) I can have one or a couple when hungry.  Loving life 

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