Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting off the diet band wagon

Step one :  Stop dieting.   When I first rise in the morning I usually eat a piece of toast with jelly and a small amount of butter.  The butter usually satisfies my flesh and  the toast with jelly are used to jump start my metabolism. By the time lunch time comes I will be extremely hungry.  What happen to me before I started this journey was I developed an under active  thyroid problem which meant my metabolism was not working and all I could do was gain weight.  I started taking prescription pills from my doctor so that the problem could be corrected.  I heard that once you start the thyroid pills you will take them for life.  I actually liked the pills because I no longer felt fatigue that I have been feeling for years with depression and low energy.  After going on this journey I am no longer prescribed the medication.  I want to say it as my diet (new/old way of eating)  but my doctor says it was never really serious. (so why did she prescribe the pills in  the first place)?  She will no longer prescribe them because my thyroid is working fine now.  This is only my  story, and  I do not claim this for everyone who has a thyroid problem. Any way when I started eating I got free from the diet mentality and started getting energized.  I only lost  19 pounds last year because I guess I had to relearn everything all over again.  Now the weight is coming off and I feel great.  I need vitamins and my body now craves fruit.  I had a mango last night and you would have thought it was the best thing in the world.  Next post will be step two of how I got free from dieting.  Even though losing 19 pounds is not a whole lot in a year I am so glad that I didn't gain 50 like I had in previous years.

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