Saturday, October 9, 2010

What makes you feel tired?

Make good choices with your food so that you don't get sick.   If you like nachos, pay attention on how they make you feel.  I like donuts from Dun kin donuts and Crispy Creme but I think really hard before I eat them.  Usually I only like the first few bites but will devourer the whole donut but after I get tired and my energy level goes down.   I usually will  take a small piece of the cake donut then give the rest away because  I don't want that tired feeling plus I am usually satisfied after a bite or two.  Usually higher calories foods start to ware on your body and eventually make you sick in some way.  Pay attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods.  I love Auncha mima  pancakes with  Mrs Butters worth syrup but when I eat them I get so tired that I usually want to go back to bed so I only eat a really small amount to get satisfied then I wait for hunger then think about what I really want on the next meal and usually the rest of the pancakes are the further est thing from my mind.   Its not that I only eat small amount but I only eat small amounts of foods that make me tired. If trying to lose weight continue to eat when hungry and keep a track of your calorie intake.  I am using Weight Watcher points and My Daily Plate for a reference.  If I eat to many points on ww I don't worrry about it because it is only a reference guide. 

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