Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to eat yourself thin

We all know a person who is thin and eats what ever they want and never gains any weight. This person does not even work out but yet they stay slim. After surveying this person I had to ask how do you stay so slim. The response is, I eat when I'm hungry and and stop when I'm not hungry anymore. The person seem to think it was a trick question. After the survey I tried it and came up with these steps.

1. Eat only when you are hungry. This means when your stomach growls, its time to eat. If you eat when your not hungry, your body will store the food as fat for later.

2. When your stomach growls, slow down and calm down and take time to eat and enjoy your food. Eat it slowly.

3. Take small bites, savor the flavor in order to help your brain know you are getting full.

4. Drink water for tea between bites. I prefer green tea.

5. Breath one or two deep breaths between each bite. This will keep your mind calm while eating. If you are addicted to food, you will get a high while eating preventing you from paying attention to what you are doing. Do not unconsciously eat, calm your mind.

6. Stop when you are full.

Eat exactly what you want, savor the flavor and stop at first full feeling or right before full. Eat the best parts of your food choice first. If your like the kid who likes the middle or an Oreo cookie and save the chocolate cookie outside for last.

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