Friday, January 29, 2010

Just some food for thought

After going through this process, I no longer have cravings. I have eaten just about every thing I really wanted with no weight gain. I actually lost a total of 15 lbs since I started. Today I choose healthy things to eat with the exception of Friday’s free coffee at Oberwise. I had a caramel latte coffee and it was delicious, it was sweet and creamy. Since I am a coffee drinker and I love a latte after work I also brought a coffee punch card for $1.00. the coffee is s free on  Fridays for a limited time.  A while back I would have been depressed about drinking the coffee because it was not on my diet. I decided to drink it right after work and still feel content. Tonight I have not eaten dinner because I am not hungry any more. The number one thing that I learned from this plan is I don’t need a lot of food to be content. When you allow yourself to eat forbidden foods you no longer have the strong hold you once let interfere with your life. It is a beautiful feeling to be free from thinking of food all the time and what you will eat next or what will be the next diet you will go on. This is a process where you need to go back to your basic instincts. The instincts you had as a child when you mother would call you in to eat dinner. I remember running into the house sitting down, taking a few bites and running right back out the side to play. Food was not an issue, it was always there and you never gave it much thought. Back then you had no idea of how many calories you were eating or if the food was healthy or not. But if you were part of the clean plate club you may have had a problem because you would need to clean your whole plate and if it held something you didn’t like you would ended up sitting until you were released from your plate. Over the years I think the family may have graphed that clean plate club because I do remember my brother falling asleep after staring at his potato salad and baked beans for an hour. His instincts were he didn’t really like those foods so why add it to his body and he was already content after eating the other things on his plate.

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