Friday, January 22, 2010

Weightloss without surgery

Wow, there is too much food in the world. I must eat everything in sight, but I just don’t get hungry enough. It was the office Christmas party and there are at least 15 items to choose from. I want everything I saw. This year the committee gave out tickets for your food. You got 11 tickets and each ticket was for a different food. I went from table to table to see what to put on my plate. I got fried chicken which I love, jerk turkey and cabbage which is another favorite with cornbread and a slice of cheese cake. I was trying to get to the other tables because I had more tickets. In my mind I had to get more food because it may be gone in a matter of minutes. It was surely enough food. One lady must have seen the desperation in my eyes and said, Joy, go sit down and enjoy your first plate and come back for more. She was so pleasant and it was those gentle words that brought me back to this new eating plan, eating when hungry. For a minute I was so out of control.
I had planned to do just what she said, return for more food after I finished that plate. I looked at my plate and was excited because it looks so good. My chicken was golden brown, I think she said it was Pecan fried chicken and the jerk chicken smelled spicy next to the cabbage. I got my hot sauce and pulled up my sleeves. I tasted the apple cheese cake first because it looked the tastiest. This was the first time I ate apple cheese cake you could have sold me for a dollar. It was It was soooo good!!. I ate it slow, it was so creamy. it was sweet. I was sitting with several co workers and could not show how good it was. I took a small amount on the fork and savored the flavor. I ate the fried chicken next and tasted the rest of the food. It was all equally good. I remembered to eat it slow and savor the flavor and before I could finish my plate, I was full. Wow, I waited for hunger and now its time to stop. I am satisfied; I don’t need any more food. For the first time in my life I am not on a diet.
From this point on I decided to put whatever I wanted on my plate but I decided to put small amount because I still wanted everything. It has taken 4 weeks for me to eat everything I craved since starting the diet and I have lost 10 lbs during this process. I feel grateful and energized. I can clean my house again because housework had taken a back seat to sleeping. I finally had my cake and ate it too.
Give in while getting in tune with her hunger.

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