Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pay attention to what you are feeling

Last week I gained a few pounds and got really bent out of shape about it. I started listening to the CD Intuitive Eating that I brought at Amazon and it helped me get back on track. It talked about more of the reasons why a person eats when they are not hungry. I started paying more attention to my feelings and low an behold this morning I got up not feeling very hungry and saw the fried chicken that was left over from last night. There was about 8 pieces left. With out thinking, I grabbed 4 wing lets and shoved one into my mouth like there was no tomorrow. I was so worried about someone eating them first and that there would not be enough later when I was hungry. Then the thought came over me, just buy some more if you want them later. and I put the chicken back. I was actually worried about not having enough food. I started thinking, where did that come from? For the first time I started thinking back to a time of lack in my life. I allowed myself to feel those feelings of lack and let it go. This week I paid attention to how good I feel eating when hungry and I don't think I will ever diet again. Eating when hungry is really something and if you have not tried it all I can say is its worth looking into.

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