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Lose Weight Fast

This plan is geared to change the way you feel about food and get you to the naturally thin person you are in side. If you’re like me you’ve been given a whole lot of dieting nonsense that has made you fat. You have rules that say you must not eat certain foods or you must count every calorie you put in your mouth. If you still want to count calories this plan is not for you. You can go to my daily and count all the calories you want and you will lose some weight but can you keep the weight off. This plan is based on hunger. Hungry is a natural state of being. Hunger is just as natural as blowing your nose when you sneeze. We have been taught to ignore hunger or just don’t get hungry. We have been taught to eat 5 or 6 mini meals per day starting with breakfast weather you are hungry or not. These mini meals cause you not to get hungry but you never seem to get satisfied and you’re still hungry. So when the big bad cheese cake comes before your eyes you turn into a slobbering mess. You drool over the cheese cake and tell yourself no you can’t have it while salivating at the thought. When you final give in you are so filled with guilt that you become depressed because you don‘t have any will power. I bet you concur everything else in life, but not this weight loss thing over takes you. You tell yourself what a failure, you can’t even diet. You deny yourself at every corner. You eat your 10 carrot sticks and string cheese with your slim fast for a snack and are still hungry and by the end of the day, you are so out of control that you ate all of your nineteen hundred calories for the day and you are still not satisfied so now the cheese cake is on the counter and you devour it. O no now you’re up to 2500 calories and you failed again. Stop the madness it’s not your fault. I have been studying my new nephew. He is 8 months old. He cry’s when he’s hungry and demands his bottle now. He sucks the bottle until he is satisfied, and then rolls his eyes to the back into his head with satisfaction, and then in a moment he throws the bottle across the room when he’s not hungry any more. Why don’t we use our natural instincts anymore?
One day while on one of my most recent diets, (the abs diet, which I think is fantastic after you get your eating under control and if you still need it) I observed a lady who worked on the job with me. She weighed 98 pounds and seemed to eat whatever she wanted. I would always see her at the vending machine at our 10:00 break looking at the variety of chips, cookie and nuts it displayed. (While sitting there with my oatmeal with spenda dreading every bite full but not letting on). This day she picked honey roasted peanuts and Pepsi. I thought to myself that’s probably what she eats all day. Then I’d see her again the next day with Doritos and water. And again I’d be eating or drinking my protein shake (Slim Fast) and a piece of fruit counting every calorie I put in my mouth. I decided to ask her, how you stay so small. She says I don’t know but I’d like to gain some weight. I said gaining weight is easy and said all you need to do is go on a diet and drink plenty of diet pops (sodas). I said just eat 500 calories over what you are already eating and you will gain weight. We decided to swap meals, she wrote down a normal day of eating which consist of

Mrs. Robinsons Sample meals
Breakfast - 2 eggs with American cheese, 3 slices of turkey bacon, 2pieces of wheat bread, and orange juice –eat until content not full even if it’s only two bits . She explains sometimes I am so hungry I eat all of it, other times I eat only 1/2 it all depend s on how hungry I am.
Snack only if hungry—vending machine picks
Lunch only if hungry –fish sandwich with sauce lettuce and tomatoes on bread eat until content even if is only two bites or cheese fries with a mountain dew.
Dinner—She explains, since she has to cook for her husband she usually cooks a meat, vegetable and a starch and we have to have some kind of juice.

This is a dialog of our conversation
Me: What kind of meat?
Mrs. Robinson: Chicken, pork, turkey, lamb or beef.
Me: How do prepare it, baked for broiled?
Mrs. Robinson: Anyway you like it, fried, boiled, broiled, anyway you like it.
Me: I was confused; you mean you don’t try to stay slim?
Mrs. Robinson: No I eat when I’m hungry.

My meals

Breakfast usually no breakfast
Snack Slim Fast and fruit or oatmeal with splenda
12 inch low fat subway sandwich and diet pop
Snack Almonds and string cheese usually can’t stop eating the almonds until I see the bottom.
Dinner Spaghetti and meatballs

Why was I getting so big?
It was pay day and we decided right then to try the swap because each of us ate out on payday. I joked with her and said, When I was gaining weight rapidly, I would go to the hot dog joint, Portillos, thru the drive thru, and the order cheeseburger, onion rings and a strawberry shake and eat the onion rings before she gets back to the office . She told me to go get some cheese fries and Mountain dew.
When Mrs. Robinson got back to the office after eating the onion rings she said she was so full that she could not eat the rest but would try to finish by 3:00. I told her you know you still need to eat dinner; she finished by stuffing herself and said she felt like going to sleep. She explained I guess I should eat when I’m not hungry.

When I got back with my cheese fries which were one small order of fries with cheese and mountain dew, I was afraid to drink the mountain dew because, in my head, fat people don’t drink mountain dew or any other pop that is not diet. That is an underline rule but I can allow myself to drink a strawberry shake, imagine that. As I looked at my meal I felt so much guilt because I had been on the abs diet for 6 weeks and this would be considered cheating. As I ate the cheesy fries and sipped on the mountain dew, I began to feel a satisfaction I never felt before I had let the food do what it was suppose to do be eaten as fuel for the body not just over load. I actually enjoyed this forbidden food and was just a little full .I didn’t even want all of it but I ate it because that’s what I am use to. As I worked during the day I had energy like I used to have as a young adult. My mind was not cluttered and I felt light. I didn’t even want my afternoon snack because I had gotten satisfied. What happen to my appetite?
I was on to something. Eat when I am hungry stop right before filling full.

By the way as of today Mrs. Robinson had gained 10 pounds and is happy still trying to put on more weight.

Getting started
Wait for hunger before eating. Ok, its morning and you’re used to getting up and eating breakfast but ask yourself, are you really hungry or just used to eating at a certain time. When I first started testing to see what hunger felt like I wrote down how I felt with every sign of hunger. I waited for hours to get hungry. It was eight o’clock at night before my first hunger appeared and I was famished, since my husband had cooked a big dinner, I just loaded my plate and ate. I tasted each food on my plate then, I ate what I liked best first which was sweet potatoes covered in a sugary substance. Next I wrote down how I felt and gave it a rating point of 4, I was starting not to feel so hungry any more. I decided to pay attention to how I was feeling so that I can control my eating in the future. I rated slightly full as a 5 and that’s when I stopped eating. I made a mental not of how I was feeling. Next meal I will try to see what I will call the number 3. I think it takes practice to see when you really had enough or are you eating for taste.

Its morning and maybe you feel a little hungry or maybe you just want something in your mouth. Get a snack size of something that you love and wait for hunger. If you’re not hungry after 5 waking hours, ask yourself what you would like to eat at this time and we will call this number 3, pay attention to how you are feeling so that you can remember the next time you eat. Because most overweight people do not eat breakfast you may not know when you’re hungry. Now ask yourself what you would like to eat. If its broccoli then get broccoli, but if its pizza or cake, then get it and eat until number 5 of your point system and wrap up the rest for a time when you’re hungry again. This is not easy to do when first get started buy remind yourself you can have it later. For the next few days you will feel lighter and happier than you have felt in a long time. Pay attention to these feelings and act on these feelings. This way of eating naturally takes practice that’s why it may take at least 120 days. The first week you should notice a the pounds coming off daily but next week you may see it stops because you may slip back to getting full. Do not panic you are relearning how to get in touch with your basic instincts. You may feel like eating everything at this point because you have been living in deprivation for a long time. You are on a path of freedom and will get so much joy just realizing weight loss can be possible. Try to realize you will not lose weight over night on even in a month. I can’t promise you will lose 30 pounds in 30 day but I can promise you a new way of thinking and a better way to lose weight. You have tried what doesn’t work now try something new. You will eventually stop wanting and give your body what it desires. You will become in tune to cravings that your body needs. I was never fond of fruit, now I crave pineapples and mangos and apples. I love the juicing my fruit. I never imagined this could be possible.
Will I lose weight fast? probably not but you will feel better physically and mentally

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