Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you really hungry

The old way of eating will try to creep in where your almost hungry but dinner is ready and smelling good. You really don't even want to wait till your hungry. All you can think about is I want to eat. Just remember you still can eat. If you can't control yourself, just try wait till hungry. You are not depriving yourself you are only postponing your meal. Try a little harder to wait till your hungry. Remember hunger is not starving. But if you are not hungry get your mind off the food. Think of a hobby you might like. Start doing something to get your mind off mindless eating. Take a class, clean the bathroom, read a book just find something to do until your hungry again and remember you can eat when your hungry really savor the flavor and stop right before full. Remember stuffed is not full. You can really do this if you want but only you can do it.

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