Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eat what you want


The diet world teaches you to fear hunger. I don't want to fear hunger. Hungry is always present says weight watchers. Hunger is a natural way of eating. Relish it, eat what you want, savor the flavor and stop before you are full.

Something New

If eating what you want is something new, then allow yourself to do something you haven't tried before. You have tried to lose weight with every diet under the sun and if you are reading this you are probably still looking for ways to lose weight.
If you try this there's a catch. Eat what every you want but stop eating before you're full. Wait until you are hungry then eat what ever you want. Taste it, savor the flavor in your mouth. Do not eat fast just relax and pay attention to how you are going from hungry to a little hungry to satisfied. Eat that last spoonful and stop before you are full. If you don't know how to stop yourself, remember you can go back and finish it when you're hungry again. You no longer have the full tired feeling you use to have. You have energy. Look for a different feeling, a feeling of joy that you can actually do this and you could lose weight but it is still all up to you. If you can't do this then don't but you have already tried everything else. See how much less you actually eat when you eat what you want. There is no deprivation because anything goes. Cake for breakfast if you want but remember before you're full stop eating. you are not allowed to get full, If you're slightly full you ate to much. Try not to look for the painful full. Even eating a salad can make you painfully for buffet full. Try to get used to being content after eating.

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