Saturday, November 21, 2009

Use your intuition

Your body was made to work well. When you over eat you do a disservice to your body. You learn habits of getting full. What happens when you get full at every meal? Eventually you over eat and look in the mirror and wonder who is this person looking back at you. All of a sudden there is more of you to look at. One roll of fat in the middle turns into two and maybe three. The rolls get bigger and bigger. You are out of control and not sure how to get back. So you diet and fail, diet and fail, diet and fail. Monday morning you got a new diet. You go shopping for all those special food that you don't even want at the time. You get started on Monday, you're all hyped up ready to concord the world. You eat those boiled eggs, grapefruit and toast. It taste pretty good because you were hungry. Still hyped, you get your snack and lunch ready. You eat your 100 calorie almonds with your string cheese and your satisfied. Your doing good, now it's lunch time. You eat your Kashi Southwest Style chicken (up to 250 calories) 100 calorie pack of something and a piece of fruit. Wow your kicking butt and can't wait till your next snack in a few hours. Next snack is 20 baby carrots and protein bar. Your feeling very good and pumped up. Now its dinner time and your hungry, can't wait to eat your 4oz grilled white fish cooked with olive oil, brown rice, steamed vegetable and spinach salad with balsamic vinegar. Problem 1: Is your still hungry after you eat. You weight 340 lbs and just ate 1200 calories of food which is not enough food for a person this size. Problem 2: You ate when you were not hungry. You never stopped to think are you really hungry and what are you hungry for. You ate food that is really good and really good for you, but you did not desire those foods. By the end of the night your binging like there was no tomorrow. This is a sample of how I have dieted all my life. Since you didn't eat enough you ransack the kitchen and eat 3 times your daily calorie intake and now you feel guilty. Diets don't work use your senses to tell you when and what to eat. Follow your bodies guide to tell you when what to eat and when to stop. After a while you will crave just what your body needs.

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