Monday, November 23, 2009

Professional dieters

Professional dieters usually make all these unconscious rules on what they can eat and when they can eat. Your body has no rules unless you are under doctors care. It's amazing to see all the overweight people usually drink diet soda (aka "pop" for us northerners") and water but are still over weight. If you were to offer an over weight person a Mountain Dew you might get a dirty look. Mountain Dew is taboo to a professional dieter, most don't consider drinking a mountain dew. I say if your on this plan, drink one when you're hungry, (if you desire one) and set yourself free. Do not feel guilty drinking it with your dinner, you may even find yourself eating less. After eating what you want for a while, try to return to diet pop to see how it makes you feel. You would be surprise on how it makes you feel like you have chemicals in your body.

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