Monday, November 23, 2009

Diets and temporary

Most dieters won't admit diets are only temporary. When you get to your goal weight your happy but, now you'll ask, "Can I do this for a life time"? The answer is usually no, and now your obsess about every thing you put in your mouth. Most dieters stick to their diets for a while and then the forbidden Kebbler Elf bakes some of those chocolate chip cookie and shows up at your door, and you feel like you have done something wrong if you even think about eating a cookie, then failure creeps in after you finish it. You blame that little elf for putting all those chocolate chips in that cookie you just devoured. Your mad with yourself for messing up your diet. Why not follow your body's own cravings and instincts and eat the dog gone cookie or two. Once you start eating what you want, your desires work in line with your body needs. You usually will start to eat less food because your not eating all the time. After a while you'll start to crave what your body needs like fruit and other healthy things. Even though its only fruit you'll still need to eat when your hungry and stop before feeling full. You need to stop at that satisfying feeling and wait until your hungry again, then eat again. Diets don't work buy your mind and body does. It actually works together if you just listen to it. But the rule is eat when your hungry only, savor the flavor and stop eating just before you get that full feeling.

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